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Delivery cargoes from Europe

Transportation from Europe to Russia is the leader in cargo transportation among different countries. The greatest number of trading partners of domestic entrepreneurs is located in European countries. The transport company ASN logistics provides professional services for delivery of combined and general cargoes to Moscow and other Russian regions. They can be such goods as clothing, shoes, building materials, furniture, furnishings, plumbing, luminaires, machinery and equipment. Our company will not only deliver the goods in the shortest time but will also solve the problems that may arise on the way of the cargo.

Delivery of combined cargoes from Europe

Sending goods in small but frequent parties is a guarantee that your money is always in operation. The turnover is accelerated, which allows you to make profit quickly. Delivery of cargoes from Europe to Russia reduces the risk that the goods will be unclaimed at stock. The high level of preparation of experts of our company allows to use the checked up and fulfilled circuits of processing and loading of commodity parties in the consolidated warehouses which essentially reduces the cost of transportation. Delivery of combined cargoes from Europe consists of several stages. So, cargoes come to our warehouse, then they are united with other small-sized cargoes, then the goods are inspected, packed, then all the documents necessary for customs house and passage of border are made, and only after that the cargo it is considered to be ready to be sent to Russia.

Our advantages:

Multimodal transportation of goods

ASN logistics company provides multimodal cargo transportation anywhere in the world. This service involves the delivery of goods by two or more means of transport (water, air, railway, motorway). Our specialists develop optimal transportation schemes, taking into account the client's wishes and the specifics of the goods. We take care of all organizational activities to ensure multimodal (including container) transport - in particular:

Impeccable professionalism and experience of employees ASN logistics, strong partnerships around the world enables us to carry out multimodal transportation of any goods efficiently, quickly and safely.

Railway container transportation

Railway transportation is popular for quite wide possibilities of transportation of various goods and its relative cheapness. Railway container transportation, delivery of bulk, liquid bulk and dry bulk cargo are among the possible options.

Railway container transportation of goods

Containers are divided into specific and universal, depending on their features and functions. Universal containers are designed mainly for small package goods and piece goods, special – for such as, for example, cars, refrigerators - for perishables, liquids, hazardous goods.

Railway container transportation of perishable goods

For delivery of goods we use special insulated rolling stock. In fact, it's the same railway container transportation in which special containers are used instead of universal ones. There is a wide choice - wagons, thermoses, cars, refrigerators, special tanks for milk, wine and other liquids. When perishable foods are sent, one needs to consider the maximum transport time, the weather and the season during the whole route.

Advantages of railway delivery

Thanks to well-developed infrastructure, this method is good in terms of loading as well as in terms of cost. It has a list of benefits:

Railway container transportation of goods, together with other types of railway deliveries is a good alternative to sea and air travel across the continent if there is no need for urgent delivery. This is a profitable and sensible choice for the transport of a list of different products.

International air cargo

ASN logistics company will make prompt delivery of cargoes of various dimensions and tonnage by air.

When the most important value is the time, there is nothing more practical than air freight.

Using the services of international transportation of goods by air from the company ASN logistics, our customers receive a full range of services that are designed to make the delivery of goods by air simple, quick and safe:

Contact us for the services of international air travel and you will forget about all the difficulties in the settlement of cargo transportation. ASN logistics company will make prompt delivery of cargoes of various dimensions and tonnage by air.

International air transport

It is difficult to overestimate the ongoing cooperation with the same shipping company for the implementation of air cargo. Our partners have time to fully enjoy the benefits of the business relationship.

Our overriding principle in the organization of the work of international air travel:

High speed of international air cargo

Working in the field of freight transport, the staff of ASN logistics have gained invaluable experience while having established business relations with all the airlines. This allows you to quickly and efficiently resolve any issues even in the most difficult situations. For us there is no problem in transporting delicate, valuable or long-sized, as well as perishable goods. We strictly abide by the international conventions adopted for air travel, and therefore, turning to us, you will get good service, safe and fast delivery of cargo by air anywhere in the world.

Express delivery of goods

With the company ASN logistics, you can count on speed and high quality transportation. We guarantee stable prices and favorable terms of cooperation.

To carry the goods at the highest level, we take into account all the requirements of customers and relate to work with utmost responsibility. We use car, rail, sea and air transport.

Reliable business relationships with airlines and other partners in the field of logistics allow us to be the best scheme for urgent delivery of goods. Our experts will provide you with an option that fully meets your financial needs and the expected maturity.

We also carry out multimodal cargo delivery, which is performed by both road and air transport. It allows you to deliver the orders "to the door" of the receiver and carried out as soon as possible, sending can be carried out on the same day the customer.

Features of fast delivery of goods in the company ASN logistics

Our professionalism, experience and expertise allow us to solve any transportation issues at the highest level, so we will undertake the execution of orders of any complexity. We provide prompt delivery of goods of any characteristics:

Our experts will offer the option of transport, which is suitable for the most in your case. During the urgent delivery of goods may be used:

In addition, the delivery of goods by the company ASN logistics has several other advantages:

Company ASN logistics is a reliable partner in business. We work accurately, consistently and professionally.